The Hateful Eight

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Top 3 things that is tiring to wait for:

2-Christmas break
3-the new film from Quentin Tarantino

And, sure got me, is not all just around the corner.
First up is holiday, then comes Santa and 8 January it’s finally been fashioned for the premiere of Tarantino’s its The Hateful Eight.
A westerndrama, with Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell in the lead roles.
The action is set to Wyoming just after the American civil war. Some bounty hunters trying to find shelter during a snowstorm, but becomes involved in a plot full of betrayal and deception.
This will be bright!
Check out the trailer and rejoice.
A best bet-see the WHOLE trailer. finished Then you get seen more movie news from the Norwegian Film distribution in 2016. Much snoop to look forward to-to put it this way!



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