Life's Good!

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Long ago that we saw the Sun now, true.
On the border of a fool.
It's days like this that get SNiiK to go in full-pink-blogging mode!
Here five tricks to make yourself your own ultimate home-spa in the bathroom! Treat your self.
photo_newcarscent-400x568 SantasBeard low res-400x568
Girls love the lit light. It does SNiiK and. But save us the
tulle scents. Vanilla? Meh! Here are the lights you need.
Beers, sawdust, cigar or bacon-fragrance! Man-Can deliver decent man fragrances!

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With dimmed lighting and your light you need to lit so do
No. 2. Literally.
There is not a better and more stylish than the porcelain Chair from Porsgrund.
Seven D and Glow are two SNiiK-Favorites =)
Enjoy the tranquility! A long time.


Music in the bathroom's gone from being a little harry-to be totally legit!
SNiiK love it.
These ceiling-mounted Marine 6 from Bower & Wilkins is killer good.
Podcast-company in the bathroom. Invaluable.


On with water. Look hot! Dip the big toe. Damn so hot. You sweat. Day to creep down.
SEVEN D from odd Grenland is sick najs! Sick, sick najs. Here you will be forever.
222 litres. Delicious.


Two hours later. Finished in the bathroom.
On with bathrobe and these slippers from Goodhood. Slippers-man's best friend, right!?
Life's good thinking. POPs a cold. Up in the soafaen. Scroller Kodi for someone to look at. Sherlock!
You have for a while forgotten the gray on the outside of the Windows.
Harder it is not to enjoy themselves.


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