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When one is u.s. president you of course get your coffee served as you like- Barack Obama prefer the hipster option!

Coffeelovers has brewed coffee by hand for years, and if you are one of those that has advanced from the frenshpress to the so called pour-over coffee, the Chemex and V60 be well-known coffee concepts for you.
According to the Huffington Post and several other media, it’s just coffee brewed in a Chemex that is the us President’s favorite.
Chemex is a coffee brewer that was actually invented in 1941, but it is not until the last few years that the President’s favorite Brewer really has reached out to the masses.

Check how to make coffee with Chemex HERE.
You will be granted if you have the patience to enjoy Chemex-coffee in your own home, for you must both weigh and grind the coffee beans, and pour the correct temperate water through the coffee brewer on a certain number of seconds.
Quick and very easy, it is not, but we do not anticipate that the President brews his own coffee either.
Text and image borrowed from Godt.NO

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