Black January

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Black January

I tend to call January for Black-January.
It is reasonable in the box after long time Christmas and new year's celebration.
As usual I tend to seek the advice of lady luck.
Most are things in tipping! It is the high season for football in England. The possibility of betting is there all the time. It is the game almost every day. Snoop for SNiiK who like brittisk football.
You can find very good betting-tips on the Tipster and the Swedish Tippat.
Thumb rule by betting and betting:
Even if you win and think you are the boss of gaming-so you are not there. Play with reason.
And never play with heart! Burned me many times there (Yes, Im looking at you Arsenal)

Are you hunting the big money seats is Casino the way to go.
Here is a very nice overview of Norwegian casino. There you will find links to the best online casinoopplevelsene. You can find lots of Nice bonuses and free spins.
Of course deliver the top quality and have high focus on privacy.
If it's compatible with your smart-phone!? And the only thing!
The only thing that is missing is ' free beer & hot wings '

Speaking of free beer

Have you promised yourself a vit start to the year? Here are three non-alcoholic beer SNiiK, hand on heart, in fact can recommend:

Nanny State: the Lady drank this IPA from Brewdog when she was on tjocken. She did not have the in peace-to say it that way. Simply gorgeous IPA with lots of delicious hops-taste.

brewdog-the nanny-state






Erdinger: German wheat beer. Sick najs after a long day on the ski slope and it was you who was driver when the others went on the Après Ski.


Czech stock: Tjekkiske Staropramen its non-alcoholic. Light makes when it is that (second) best. Can be a bit hard to find in the store. So bunkre up if you're lucky. Lots of Saaz Hops gives you a lovely pilsner.


Cold facts

Alcohol-free beer is actually a bit in the shot of the day. SNiiK lists some reasons for it:

-Norwegians are concerned with health, (maybe not the gjennomsnitlige SNiiK browser, then) and all of our consumer research suggests that the focus on limiting the intake of calories will be maintained/strength also ahead (the growth of low-beer is a very good example of the demand for "helseøl"). Alcohol-free beer contains 30-50% fewer calories than regular beer.

-Focus on the harmful effects of alcohol affects the consumption of alcoholic drinks. Reports suggest that many young people today are more concerned about having control than was the case in the past. It is due to among other things, the internet, mobile phone cameras etc. Do you do something stupid is the way card from your phone to the Web. We also see that alcohol consumption among the youth is going down in some environments where there are many non-Western immigrants from countries it enjoyed little alcohol. For the same reason, we expect that we will see that in the longer term more will prefer alcohol-free drinks or vakere like beer alkohols, rather than alcohol stronger drinks like wine and spirits.

-There is a growing credibility for alcohol-free beer. Consumer experience that the quality of the products are better. It tastes like after each proper beer of alcohol-free beer. The status of alcohol-free beer is about to change from being a substitute to be a smart solution and a choice option that begins as to credibility. Alcohol-free beer is a contemporary choice.

Not least so count non-alcoholic beer at Untappd and =)

Cold facts from Ølportalen

But, don't worry, folks. In February SNiiK is back. Just as uhelsesam as before.
PS. The beer at the top picture is this.

Happy new year.


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