Sickest Casinoreklamene!

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The very wildest casinoreklamene!

Casinoreklamer knows how to shock as well as to impress as they see him grin at TV-viewers. We have taken a look at some of the craziest casinoreklamene of all time, and serving you here some crazy examples.

1. Rizk Casino

On the list, we begin with Rizk Casino his bullshit advertising with Entourage star Kevin Dillon in the lead role. In the casinoverdenen you have two choices, where one is money and the second is "bullshit", but Kevin has no clue what bullshit is called in "Skandinavistan". What do you choose he asks before he pulls out a bunch of money on the one hand, and a fresh oksebæsj in the other. It is not without reason that this commercial ports on the top 10 list above will casinoreklamer!
Read more about the Casino and see their Rizk MADCAP commercials here.

2. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is in a class of its own when it comes to the shocking, and often unsavory casinoreklamer. Casinomarkedet is characterised by the grueling competition, and it comes to stand out with … um, "extremely tough" advertising campaigns? In this film we see a bunch of Brits show off with your hand in your pocket, which reminds us a lot about a dangerous kind of hidden masturbation. But as you see they only have quickly learned to place bets on your phone in your pocket and press off in pure joy. Paddy Power is and remains the craziest Online Casino prize when it comes to advertising, and you will quickly understand what we are talking about in the example number 6. Not to forget the campaign they ran in 2008 when Barack Obama was elected President for the first time. Here ran the Paddy Power a bet on campaign at 16-1, that of the majority was interpreted as that someone would take the life of the President before he completed his first term. Distasteful? Yes, really-but enough to catch people's interest.

3. Golden Palace

Golden Palace knows how to shock with their commercials, and this time in the form of a sweet young girl who grows up with the dream of to entertain. Here we see the innocent young girl swinging off on lamp posts, trees and other things she comes across. It all seems like a childhood dream with warm colours and sweet music all the way until the end of the commercial. When putting the music in full force while a lady with the tattoos swings off on the pole to the cheers from the guests. In other words, there is very little that is reminiscent of the former innocent dancing!

4. Ladbrookes

From time to time we meet on a advertising that seems totally whimsical and full of weird events. Ladbrookes has perfected the art of surprise, and in this promo they live up to its reputation for shock. In what at first looks like a shampoo commercial, we see a beautiful woman massaging into the noble drops in the bottom of his hair man. All of a sudden she gets hit by a soccer ball in the middle of the face and falls hard on the floor, before a mad man with white hair and mustache come howling into the screen. Here it is of course that is the focus, Ladbrookes together with the big velkomstbonusene they offer their new players. And for those of us poor bastards who try to ignore the message, there is little to pick up! He howls "bonus, bonus" of full throat, all the way to the end of the commercial, and forces us to think about the rest of the day Ladbrookes.

5. William Hill Bingo

"It's a bird bird bird …. you know it's the word"! Have you seen the Family Guy you know exactly what we're talking about. Get ready for the bingoenes version of a … flapping poultry which all need wings to reach the highest rewards. William Hill Bingo is new in the Norwegian player circles but has made great success with their Web solutions for the bingo-playing in the United Kingdom. It also knows how to catch the viewer's interest with commercials that is beyond annoying! We have no idea if is deleted which parallels that can be drawn between bingo games and … flapping poultry, but honestly …. it works!

6. Paddy Power-x 2

In this Small bizarre commercial from Paddy Power, we see a bunch of paralyzed restaurant guests roll off and away from the Bill on an Indian restaurant! In the wheelchair roll the away from the Bill. … dog fairly slowly. It all becomes so strange that one feels small discomfort when looking at. On top of it all follows an episode where a representative from Paddy Power calms restaurant owner if that money can be won back on their website. Bottom line: according to ad login can all restaurant owners win back their lost revenues by betting money at Paddy Power. They'll probably further out in the woods with the allegations, and it is also not without reason that the commercial was banned.



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