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From farming and charity to the tug-of-war in the courts

The word "casino" (often spelled on the Norwegian as the "casino") is derived from the Spanish word casa, which means House or local, and means in other words a local there (cash) games are played.

Gaming has been a phenomenon virtually as long as money has been around, and has certain distinctive features in comparison to other types of games. Some of the special features is that it should be a chance for profit and a risk of loss, that the player bet values, most often money, which cannot be withdrawn after the bet has been made or agreed upon, and that the outcome of the game will be based on the coincidences.

Important events for Norwegian attitudes

Casino-2332168 _ 640 Even if 80% of the Norwegian population in our days taking part in various forms of gaming on a regular basis, it was for 100 years ago in fact, in General, a negative attitude to the cash games. Terms like "to play them from farm and reason" were common, even though they often were based on misunderstandings and wander stories about families who had lost both housing and opportunities to gain income after unfortunate meetings with organizers of fraudulent cash games or pure scammers. Two significant events were to change the attitudes of the population.

First launched the political party Centre Party (at the time under the name bondepartiet) in 1927, the idea of horse racing, to stimulate Norwegian agriculture and horse breeding. This was so successful that a few years later searched the humanitarian organizations to set up slots to secure revenue, based on the successful "one-armed bandits" that had been around for a long time among other things in the United States. After the Norwegian betting and bingo halls appeared in the 1940s and 1950s, held games market stable in a few decades.

The other significant change was in part technologically with the modernization of the games around 1990, and partly a change of attitudes when people saw how gaming could be a method to raise funds for good causes. Slot machines were in the special feature the arena that really "took off", with a femtidobling of the revenue between 1990 and 1999, and a further quadrupling of revenue between 1999 and 2003, to the entire $4 billion per year.

The Norwegian Government adopted to remove vending machines and assign Norwegian Tipping a monopoly on vending machine operation in Norway. In the kjølkant of this radical decision followed a long struggle between the authorities (with the goal of preventing gambling addiction) and the humanitarian organisations and other actors, which in turn had been depending on revenue from gaming to be able to attend to their business.

Illegal with the Norwegian monopoly

After treatment in a number of jurisdictions, including the District Court, the Court of appeal, the Supreme Court, and the EFTA Checker ESA, have all the authorities either concluded that the Norwegian authorities ' slot machine monopoly is illegal, or that the authority is not able to consider the issue. ESA in 2006 pulled out the Treaty violation proceedings against Norway because of slot machine monopoly for the Court, with the justification that the monopoly violates Norway's obligations according to the EEA Agreement.

The controversy is a lot of reasons for that slot machines through the casino on the net today has won great popularity in Norway, while the physical premises where slot machines are is less common. What the future holds is not good to say, but it's unlikely that the Norwegian authorities will try to get implemented decisions that violate their own commitments and international legislation on the site again.


Which casino online play the Norwegians on?

token-1745178 _ 640Live Lounge Casino-this site is both classic and modern. At the same time as it is a virtual recreation of a classic casino of an enormous size, based also on the use of the most modern technology both from the player's, the operator's and games developers ' page. This casino on the net support
for games both through mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android and the like.

Dunder Casino-Here is the entire 600 slot machines, and also around the
200 other games. The selection of games is huge, and helps make the Online Casino to absently elected as the success story of the Norwegian players as it has been. Bonus schemes, both the registration bonus of 20 free free spins, the welcome bonus at 200% and 180 free spins, and in addition to constant promotions and other offers, are also very impressive with Dunder Casino.

Sir Jackpot-as the name suggests is Sir to hunt for the Jackpot for the big jackpot. To help the player to do this, Sir a great amount of Jackpot free spins, and it even before the first deposit, all the 150 free spins. The campaigns
are many and varied, and helps that Sir is a Jackpot of not only the most visited casinos at Norwegian players, but one of the highest rated and rated casinos of all of them.

Thrills Casino-It is not without reason that many of the most experienced gamblerne prefer Thrills and considers as the best Thrills casino on the net. The design is easy to use, modern and trendy, with a recurrent theme in blue and white. A host of software developers are on the team, MicroGaming, NetEnt inklludert and NextGen Gaming. Chemistry offers 25 exclusive free spins even before the first deposit, and follow up with 200% bonus up to $2 000, in addition to 20 super spins, which are worth ten times as much as the default free spins.


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