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Are you disappointed in the utbytet you will get from your employer now that holidays are on the way?
Disappointed that the weather does not quite deliver the goods? Norwegian drinks does not hold target?
A good tip to fill up the holiday Crate and could fly away is bet some schpenn at the casino.
SNiiK his favorite right now is the WinTingo Casino. Lovely layout. Safe and easy for a novis gambler.
Online games should be easy. And it is WinTingo! Bingo, bandits, scratch card and much, much more.
Also do not need to download any software. Delicious! A thing can we like =)
Give gas. We meet at the GranCan of a Piña Colada. Or two.

Speaking of drinks!
Here are SNiiK top-3 Holiday drinks! Enjoy.

1. Sangria
When you create the sangria you can be sure that people come in a good mood.

1 fl red wine, preferably Spanish
1 piece lemon
1 x Orange
1 x Apple
2 dl brandy, or lemon soda

Have a bottle of wine over in a pitcher.
'Re writing up Orange, lemon and Apple. Have it in the musty along with lemon soda and possibly a little brandy.
Have in ice cubes and seen cool.

2. Piña Colada
The mighty klassikern

4 cl room, white
8 cl pineapple juice
4 cl Coconut cream
crushed ice
1 slice pineapple

Have some crushed ice in the blender and add the ingredients.
Run the Blender while you add ice little by little.
Run until you get a milkshakeaktig consistency.
Garnish with ananasskive.
URCCWM_Pina-Colada-2_s3x4.jpg. rend. sni12col. landscape

3. Mojito
One of the summer's big høydare!

4 cl rooms, light
2 cl fresh lime juice
2 tsp sugar
Mint, fresh
lime slice
crushed ice

Take a small handful of torn Mint in a longdrinkglass (tall and narrow), have in the sugar and lime juice.
Pour on a little soda, stamp with a bar spoon.
Have in crushed ice, pour on the room and fill up with soda.
Stir well and garnish with a stem Mint and limeskive.

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Recipes from Klikk.NO

But, to the other side …
Is there anything better a to sit on the terrace with a cold beer in hand, save-ribs on the grill and your feet planted in's pool kidsa.
Possibly a little Marvin, Otis or Aretha at the facility.
When is life jackpot! Boom!


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